About us


Wellington Islamic Association was established in August 2011 under the President of Haji Tahir Hussain.


The Association shall always be a democratic, religious, educational and charitable organisation for the Muslims of New Zealand.


The Headquarters of the Association shall be at 6 Oxford Street, Tawa, Wellington.


  1. To vigilantly maintain and apply the true Islamic Doctrines as contained in the Holy Qur’an and practiced by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s Blessings Be upon Him) at all times.
  2. To preserve, promote and safeguard the welfare of the Muslims of New Zealand.
  3. To render religious, social and educational services to Muslims of New Zealand.
  4. To promote and maintain unity and friendship amongst the Muslims, between Muslims and other communities in New
  5. To establish, own and manage schools, colleges and other educational institutions in New Zealand
  6. To ensure that practical steps are taken to advance progress in moral, material, social economic and cultural life of the Muslims of New Zealand with the object of enabling them to attain and maintain their rights and honoured place amongst other races of New Zealand and to make their full contributions towards peace, progress and prosperity of New Zealand as a country.
  7. To discourage the use of drugs, intoxicants, narcotics, and other obnoxious and forbidden food and drinks by the Muslims.
  8. To speak and make representation on behalf of the Muslims of New Zealand affecting the welfare of the Muslims.
  9. To conduct and perform all such acts and deeds as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the
  10. Association shall always remain a charitable organisation. Establishment of any co-operative societies, limited liability companies and trusts in order to undertake commercial ventures for the benefit of its members will be carried out through
    separate entities.
  11. To establish lectures and broadcasting services to promote the objects of the Association.
  12. To train and provide personal for halal slaughtering of animals and negotiate with food establishments to provide Halal
    Certification for consumption by Muslims in New Zealand and overseas.
  13. To recognise and celebrate important Islamic dates and events as approved by the Board of Ulemas.
  14. To promote religious, social and cultural upliftment of the Muslim Community in New Zealand in accordance with any
    directives given by the Board of Trustees.
  15. To arrange and perform Islamic marriage ceremonies, Janaza prayers & other religious ceremonies.

Place of Worship

Association has its own prayer hall situated at 6 Oxford St in Tawa Wellington.
The Prayer hall accommodates for both men and women.
The Prayer hall is open for praying to all Muslim brothers and sisters .

Activities of the Association

Five time prayers together with Juma namaaz is performed the our Islamic centre 6 Oxford St in Tawa.
Monthly Zikr program is held on first Saturday of each month after Maghrib salat
Regular mouloud programs are held at the centre.